Sofa Double Bed Item U23

Sofa Double Bed Item U23

Sofa Double Bed Item U23

Bed:Double bed

Width product:140 cm

Length Product:195 cm

Medical Mattress

No Space box


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Sofa Double Bed Item U23
A comfortable sofa bed is suitable for any place with any space

The Furniture Set and Half a set of sofa is equipped with a box space, a medical mattress, and the mechanism are made by turkey

You can also buy Sofa Double Bed Item U23 individually

The width of the product bed is ۱۴۰ and the total length is ۱۹۵

the clothes are made from turkey with nano technology

The mattress is made up of 30 kilos of polyurethane, which is completely medical and offers a comfortable seat

All products include a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service

The design and form of the seat is ergonomic and provides ideal conditions for the spine and vertebrae.

The form of the bases and knob can not be changed


Sofa Double Bed Item U23

Sofa Double Bed Item U23

A complete set of 7 seater this item includes 1 single bed with a width of ۸۰ and a duoble bed with a width of 140 and 160 all of them including box space


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